Codea 2.1.1 Available

Loaded the new Codea version. Need to start testing.

I tried the speed test that I posted awhile ago. It used to be 7.77 seconds, but this version runs at 7.88 seconds. Better than it was in the last update, 34 seconds, and close to what it used to be.

Here’s the link to the speed test.

“Sort projects by” is fixed. The sort of the projects now stays the way they were previously set, either by recent or name.

Powered off/on my iPad and tried the speed test again. The results were just slightly better than the original 7.77 seconds. Was getting a range of 7.73 to 7.68 seconds.

Very happy with the update. Working on a lemmings clone at the moment and the update has given a much needed speed bump

Before update

After update

@West That’s awesome, I loved lemmings as a kid!

Thanks @Crumble so did I. A real shame that Sony won’t sanction a port of it to the iPad

@West Hope you bring it to the store, I’ll definitely pick that one up.

Nice game @West!

it’s a shame that this update took a month to make it’s way thru the App Store.

@metkatmusic i, too, was disappointed by the time apple took to approve this update, originally submitted dec, 10th if im not wrong. However i believe the season holidays clogged the process big time. Thou, im eventually glad that the speed test ran in 32,32 seconds when before it took about 119. So im a happy kid today, thanks again @simeon

Ipad 3, ios 8

Hi @simeon,

Thanks for the upgrade - speed is back to normal. The mods to Aircode are also appreciated. I’m still getting the odd program dropping out of Codea but I’m putting that down to my bad programming.

A belated Happy New Year to all on Codea build and support.




My game runs a lot better now, even some graphical performance issues from before 2.1 are perfect now.

@Simeon Something I noticed with the keyboard. The dots on some of the keys on the top row of the keyboard start to turn into line segments when the keyboard is showing and the iPad is rotated back and forth from landscape to portrait. They’ll remain that way until the project is closed.