Codea 2.0 - HTTP Request

Hey there,
first of all, I really do love the new Codea. It looks so neat and the new possibilities are just awesome.

But I’ve got one question. Using @aciolino’s DropBox Manager does not work anymore, as there might be something wrong with the HTTP-Request function. I’m not sure, but it would be great to know if you changed something :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve already looked into Dropbox Developer Site, but everything’s the same there I guess.

@Yoppha the behaviour should be the same — however all the networking code was pulled out and re-written for Codea 2.0 (to improve stability). So I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that there was some change that could cause this.

Try changing any method=POST (or PUT) into method="POST"
I think there used to be globals POST = “POST”, PUT = “PUT” etc., not anymore in v2.

thanks for the fast reply,
I tried a normal request to my web space at cwcity working well, but I still couldn’t get the Dropbox Backup to run properly.

As I have changed the code from @aciolino, I downloaded a clean version, but still the errors occur :frowning:

maybe someone of you could try, if it works for him, I would appreciate any further advice :slight_smile:

At one can find the Standard API Errors, the errors I get are 400 and 405