Codea 2.0 Beta

Hi Everyone

This is the thread for Codea 2.0.

It’s missing quite a lot, because not all parts have been re-written yet. It is also a mix of old and new UI design in places. It should run though, please let me know how it goes.

Also, please backup everything before installing this. I don’t think it will do anything bad, but I’d rather you don’t take chances on this update.

@Jmv38 It is unfortunately iOS 7 only, but I’ll be getting in touch with you to see what we can do. Can you send me your email address?

I’ve been watching Codea Commits recently, and I’m very happy to see it in beta. Anyways, I’m keeping a list of bugs, crashes, opinions, etc.
Thank you!
As a side note, is CodeaBufferData anything related to the Lua script, or is it something on the native side? Also, you did mention something about an OS X runtime again, which intrigues me.

The OS X runtime just had some minor project changes — it’s lacking in features but otherwise can render Codea projects. All of our work has been on getting Codea 2.0 running.

CodeaBufferData is just data that gets attached to your current editing session to track where your cursor is in a document, where it’s scrolled to, and so on. It’s just an internal class that was part of a commit.

The editor is beautiful! Love the quick comment/uncomment. The auto scope complete will save a lot of time and the auto indent is great!


  • Project search does not appear to work.
  • http.request is crashing codea.

@Briarfox does http.request consistently crash Codea? There is one known issue where you exit the viewer before the http.request has finished, and it will crash.

Does the Image IO example work?

Project search needs a re-work too, sorry about that.

It’s getting late here, so I’m going to post what I have so far:

  • Can’t do command-arrow key to select whole line on bluetooth keyboard
  • Text displaced in reference search
  • Love the new simplified popups on editor bar
  • Love the new icon, just the bottom section feels a bit off or dark
  • Project search does not work
  • Using commands in preview terminal prints a ton of extra stuff
  • Typing and executing a command in the preview terminal twice crashes Codea
  • End of about section too far left
  • When creating a new empty tab, the line highlighting stays, even though there is no cursor in the other tab
    (Let me know if any of these don’t make sense. It’s late and they were typed pretty quickly.)
    Thank you! I’ll post more as I find them.

Thanks @Zoyt

  • The command-arrow thing is bugging me too. Looking for a fix.
  • Reference search needs a re-design for iOS 7 so that will be addressed
  • Didn’t realise the command input was broken, thanks
  • The output pane is very crashy at the moment, looking into it
  • Thanks for the new tab bug

@Simeon I can crash codea with a http.request(“”,function(d) print(d) end)

It will not crash right away but if I scroll in the output panel then it will close. happening 75% of the time.

I’m not certain that is it http.request thats crashing. Codea Community runs fine but my dropbox viewer crashes on startup. which I assumed was the http.request. I’ll dig deeper.

@simeon was anything changed with the way draw function is loaded? I can no longer seem to hook it before Codea loads with debug.sethook() Edit I can hook it and print text but something with draw seems to have changed.

I also noticed the sprite() auto complete. How does this work? Does it look for another sprite in the same function and grab it’s parameters? edit It uses the last parameters passed to a sprite().

You might be using local or global variables as arguments to sprite(), Codea will autocomplete those now.

Will look into the draw thing.

With regards to the http.request crashing, can you try without the print(d)? I suspect it’s not http.request, it’s the printing. The output pane / GL view interaction is causing some issues in this release.

I am re-writing http.request now anyway, it has been in need of some attention.

Hi. I’ve added my iPad 3 to Testflight if you want another test user. Happy coding!

@simeon Sorry it’s not a draw issue. But I’m still not sure what it is. Working in release but not 2.0. I’ll track it down and get back to you.

I guess I’m not going to bed then. More bugs:

  • Can’t tap and drag on number
  • White space when scrolling above top of project list
  • Chat Room project doesn’t seem to work (may be my issue)
  • When multiple functions selected, multiple "Re-indent"s show up in pop up
  • Destroying bodies does not work like it use to (I sent you an email about this, if you want the example code to prove it again, let me know)
  • When moving magnifying glass below bottom line, the magnified image starts jumping around (tiny, but I might as well mention it)
  • Keyboard gestures not working (I assume they were removed because they’re not in the settings)
  • 3D Air Hockey project behave differently ( (the center line is colliding with the puck, while it didn’t use to)
  • Look up functionality doesn’t work
    Thanks! Now I’m really going to bed.
    Edit: Also, the icon is growing on me (like most do).

@tnlogy sorry I forgot to re-add your device! Just spotted it on TestFlight and will make sure it’s in the next build. Once I send you the build, if you could test your Codea Cookoff entry (Going South) and tell me if it’s behaving correctly that would be great. There might be some rendering issues due to the 64 bit move.


  • number dragging hasn’t be re-built yet. Will be back in with some tweaks (there were complaints about this one in the past).
  • Thanks for the multiple re-indent bug, will fix
  • Destroying bodies: odd I’ll have to ask @John about it, could you send your email to
  • Keyboard gestures are removed, it felt like too much of a hack, and too little-used, to include.
  • 3D Air hockey might be due to the 64 bit stuff, there may still be some rendering bugs to sort out.

@Simeon - Thanks. I will do that. The 3D air hockey project was not a problem with the rendering, but with the physics, so I’ll send that to John too.

@tnlogy I’ve updated the current build with your device details. You should be able to install.

Thanks. I added the device just an hour ago on the bus to work, so that was fast update. Will try it out later!

Spotted so far:

  • The section key isn’t moving the selection boundaries
  • I would prefer the pop-up keys to stay popped up until dismissed
  • viewMatrix doesn’t work. When I put in viewMatrix(matrix()) then what I get back is a matrix that is mostly zero but with entries 1.875 on (1,2) and (3,4) (I think I got the indices right). It appears to be the setting that is incorrect since viewMatrix(matrix()) makes my drawing disappear.

Thanks @Andrew_Stacey, the matrix stuff had me a little worried. Those are bugs relating to the move to 64 bit floating point. (Lua is now 64 bit, OpenGL remains 32 bit.)

  • Selection key should move the ending selection boundary? It appears to work for me.
  • I’ll have a think about the popup keys behaviour. I personally prefer the drag option.
  • I’ll get onto fixing the matrix issues now

There is a big improvement with large text buffer (scrolling, text handling), that really great! Spotted:

  • in the preferences, font size font size sticker eat it’s label
  • inline color preview eat two following characters (ie: c,d = color(),10 > c,d = color()0)
  • scrolling point is lost when return back from viewer (scrolling is reset at the top of the current tab)