Codea 1.5

Is currently “Processing for App Store” and should be with you shortly.


Heh - I went to the app store to get a link so I could spam a few people, and was looking at the reviews. Only one review lower than 4 stars, and they left no comment. The vast majority are 5 stars. That’s just awesome.

Makes me wonder - they have “top apps” there - top being based on downloads, or gross. Is there a way to see “top rated apps”? If there’s any app that’s got a higher rating than Codea did, I really want to know about it!

Not live in the US store yet…hopefully by tonight :slight_smile:

Awesome !

Yeah it’s taking quite a long time to show up on the App Store. Sorry about that!

If I had known I would have waited to announce it. But the main thing is it’s approved and will be available soon.

No worries, congrats on the update/approval/etc

It has finally been set to “Ready for Sale”. So it should be visible on the App Store now.

Hmm…still nothing in Colorado, USA

hits button again

Hmmm…nothing as well in London, UK. - I’m off to bed :wink:

I am downloading the update from the US store now.

Installed it and tried every new example.It’s just AWESOME.Now time for testing :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Holy crap. This update is HUGE! Thank you Simeon and everyone for the hard work!

I agree with @Bortels in another thread: had you slapped 2.0 on this and charged for it, I would have gladly paid! Get a tip jar in the app, I’d like to give you guys more money!

Thank you for the kind words. Glad you like it!

Looks and feels glorious and it is 11:30 pm … There goes my beauty sleep

Great, my wife just gave me a new Mac mini tonight…and THIS comes out! I’m in trouble tonight!

Awesome! Still getting used to the keyboard mods but like the improvements. Small hiccup with my current project which zoomed and rotated a large sprite caused it to run slow then crash. Changed to a mesh and all was well.

Great work guys! Already made me reconsider some aspects of the code in my projects and how they can be made a bit simpler. Love the new parameter stuff - a welcome addition for prototyping.

Oh well, there goes this weekends home chores out the window - ill get my other half to have a word with you @Simeon :slight_smile:

.@West did your project previously run fine in 1.4.6?

.@Simeon, yes it did. I suspect it was something to do with the new sprite scaling (looked briefly at the new sprite scaling demo). The image file used was large ( approximate 1200 by 1200) so wondered if it was to do with the caching process mentioned.