Codea 1.5.2 Suggestions

New Codea is incredible and I can only say a big THANK YOU to Simeon and Codea team.

I’ve some suggestions for the next update:

Dark Theme
Dark Theme is incomplete, Codea needs some changes:

1. Dark Theme Search Your Code should be in black.
Now it looks like this: It should look like this: 2. Dark Theme Shader Packs should be in black.
Now it looks like this: It should look like this: 3. Color Chooser It is currently only available in the toolbar. I've an idea, I want to be able to call the color chooser inside the game in FullScreen.
It should look like this: 3. Project Browser Art needs something extra. Guess what? Possibility to choose an image as the background from Sprite Packs.
It should look like this: Romanian language
1. Ribbons for new examples are labeled in English. 2. Into search list examples is a word in English. Word by. 3. Problems with Romanian characters in the save image dialog. 4. Credits page should be fully translated into local language.
5. Examples description should be translated into local language.
6. Optionally, Comments from default template main.lua and NewClass should be translated into local language.

P.S. I'm looking forward to read a reply,
but especially from Codea team or Simeon.

I see what you mean about the dark editor but I use the light one anyway, as for the translation, only a Romanian will translate it to the right standard, if you get someone else to do it I think there will still be problems

Hi @Georgian

  • I have updated 1.5.1 to use darker colours in the search and function browser. Good suggestion! (Images below)
  • Shader Lab will have to be updated later
  • Using a sprite for a background is an interesting idea. Not sure how much priority we would put on it though.
  • I’ll try to have the clipping issue fixed on the save dialogue for 1.5.1
  • Other translations (New / Credits / Example projects) are something I would like to do soon. Not sure if in 1.5.2 or later.

Functions Dark
Search Dark

.@Simeon this might be a minor nuisance, but it’s a nuisance nonetheless - When creating a new project, you MUST tap on the screen to display the cursor to type the project name. Why isn’t the cursor visible as soon as you tap ‘Add New Project’?

.@the_dude good point. Will fix for 1.5.2.

Thanks @Simeon. You guys are amazing!

I’d really like to see the code entry point in the code window kick up above the keyboard, even when it’s near the bottom of the screen. Writing this post is driving me nuts because I can’t see what I’m typing. How do you guys deal with this?!?

please add these keys to editor popup keyboard (x)=key x

  1. (f()) inserts function x() end
  2. (if) inserts if then end
  3. (ifif) inserts if then elseif then end
  4. (ifelse) inserts if then else end
  5. (for in) inserts for k,v in pairs() do end
  6. (for in i) inserts for k,v in ipairs() do end
  7. (for=) inserts for i= , do end

I keep forgetting the ends!
" before the end’s and else’s would be nice
or just allow us to customize the keyboard ourselves

a small thing, maybe: the standard lua interpreter uses = as a synonym for return in the standalone lua interpreter. This would be quite nice for interactively inspecting values in the repl in the output window.

Can you change it so that when you press the search icon the cursor moves to the search box? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tapped search, then ended up typing the search term into my code.

.@Mark good suggestion.

.@gunnar_z I could look at that. I think it prepends “return” on anything you type into the interpreter anyway, in order to get the value out of the chunk after it executes it.

.@CodingOnNapkins we’re looking at a more elaborate code snippet system. Our plans are to have things like this and more.

.@Dadsipad123 I will take a look.

I’d like to see a little more summary of the Lua language, quickly available. Currently, you have to leave your project and open the Getting Started option.

I may be polyglot, but that doesn’t mean I can shift my brain from Java/JavaScript to Lua on a dime!

It would be nice if the Tween library supported a way to delay the start of animation. I suppose you could use tween.sequence() to do this in some way.

Alternately, include a new API that allows some simple scheduling; I’m putting together one for my little project, but it seems general purpose enough.

Access to built-in Lua code source. I sometimes have questions that aren’t documented, and I’d like to see the Lua code for the Tween and class() support, for example.

Since we’re here for suggestions, how about a “undo” that works even after a testing of the code?

Current behaviour is when playing the code and going back to the code, former changes are no more undoable.

Hey, I’m used to working with Git; I’d love the ability to “checkpoint” my code, and then revert to that checkpoint. I could be much braver about making changes if I new I could get back to where I started if it panned out!

Now that I can read and write files in the Documents folder (thanks @Jmv38 for examples), a nice update would be a directory command to show what files are in there. Also a delete function to remove any files I’m done with.

Hello @hlship. In the interim, the Lua for Codea’s class() function is documented at this page on the Codea Wiki.

Add SQL support!

Possibility to export Lua projects as standalone multiplataform apps.