Codea 1.4


I wondered if maybe you should drop the Dropbox Support for the moment, if that is the only thing that prevents 1.4 from happening.

It could come back in a newer version when the sdk is updated, but for now the camera roll import would be a huge leap on its own and one could export dropbox images into the camera roll outside Codea…

And btw., i Love Codea, its one of the most awesome things on the AppStore!!! And its easy to see, that its getting better and better… :slight_smile:

Hopefully Dropbox updated their SDK already. I know they said it was looking like Monday was going to be the date. I know the feeling though, I’m chomping on the bit just for the Network API.

They have just updated it. I’ll be integrating the fix and submitting it tonight.

Awesome News! Hope Apple accepts it!

+1 from me as well!

Oh the wait is killing me! I was really hoping Apple would push it through by today in time for my flight in the morning. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, I’m looking forward to the new sprite mgt!

The 1.4 is in the apple store

I can’t wait to play with this