Codea 1.4 is alive

Oh, well… whatever! :frowning:

So @bee ar you saying we can code a small app store app:)

That is cool if you can get it strong sever [-O<

I will do sum test’s

@simeon thanks for the great update. I love the new move and selection buttons.

BTW, I am planning to update Spitely to use the new image and http interfaces. However, with 1.4 old Spritely is pretty well obsolete. Which doesn’t upset me one bit.

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this for a few weeks now! Time to hit the code :slight_smile:

Hi Simeon and All,

Over the last couple of weeks the App Store has been my most accessed application - guess why!!!

That’s right - now it will switch back to Codea. Thanks for the upgrade - like the new improvements. Need to use it a little more - found a bug when I clicked on the options icon, to get dark editor, and flipped me out of Codea - ran the second time though.

One question for you - impressed with the rapid lookup of files - can we change the icon for our application like the examples you have?

On the drop down menu the example icons look quite impressive and I’d like to do that for my own, relatively poor, applications (but I do make nice icons!!!).

Finally - with the drop down menu, is there any way of switching off the old horisontal scroller - seems a bit redundant now?

Thanks again.

Now — ‘To infinity…and beyond!!!’


=D> =D> =D>

@Bri_G you can change your project icons but it’s undocumented at the moment. We’re still polishing up that area. I’ll try post an explanation later unless @bortels beats me to it.

@simeon Awesome. Great job. LOVE the new movement and selection system.

@Bri_G try this

saveImage("Project:Icon", icon)

@Simeon is it possible to save (text) files also? and i’m thinking about a project sharing class, is it possible to access the individual files in a project? i would like to create a class, once imported to a project, makes sharing very easy?

This Vesion of Codea is awesome, i wonder where this will get… :smiley:
my game is making progress, and its pure fun to create my first game, i’m excited… :smiley:

I’ve been playing around with the new http.get() funtion pretty much all day. It works GREAT! FYI, it is totally possible to write some parsing functions for XML and JSON. I’ll be posting them once I finish up with my app.

@Deamos I personally use Jeffery Friedl’s JSON.lua for JSON encoding/decoding. It is small, self contained, reasonably fast, and well tested. It is basically the same code as used in Adobe Lightroom.

For those unaware Friedl is one of the engineers who works on Lightroom, and lightroom is partially written in Lua.

Ahh, cool. I’ll look in to it JockM. All in all, I’m not doing too much in the way of parsing so I don’t think I’ll alter my code for fear of breaking everything.

After a whole day of using 1.4, I’ve pretty much integrated the new API in my App. It uses the http.get() to pull data for the MMORPG Eve-Online to display information realtime on a map. Heres a video of it.

Nice to see another EVE player in Codea community :slight_smile:

Thank you for the new version. I love the new way to open projects.

Regarding Apple forbiding direct downloading of projects into Codea, do yo know AppCraftHD? It does it in two different ways: via Safari or directely from the app via FTP.

If only Codea were allowed to do the same…

so @Deamos if you can make that we can make a app store

Can I have sum code to share text online [-O<

To start me off :smiley:

There is .Appcraft so wiy not .codea

This make me X(

We used to be able to download projects directly - apple forced that to be removed.

If you do things Apple doesn’t like - Apple will make your life difficult.

@connorbot999 - making an app store is probably a really good way to get apple to tighten up again. Yes - you can grab code via http.get and execute it. No, you can’t “make a app store” with that - you can make parts of it, but it’s unlikely it would be anything anyone would use, and it’d be ugly without other parts added (like the ability to create new projects programatically). In short - it’s probably a bad idea that would do more harm than good, and might actually hamper TLL from getting a real solution in place at some point.

I suggest, instead, that people demonstrate to Apple how http.get() is actually awesome - the Eve Online viewer is a good example of that. I am, on a very much more boring note, considering adding some F5 BigIP instrumentation using Codea (server pool management). If we can get enough awesome apps out there using http.get() that Apple would look like fools pulling the feature (like they did pulling .codea file access) - they might just leave things be.

But making an fing such as the AppStore is good for learning online code :smiley:

And if you do not wont me to publish I will not :smiley:

Actually - no. One of the issues with “making an app store” is you’d have to store the code in persistent storage, where you can’t see or edit it (without writing a program to do so).