Codea 1.3.1 is approved!

There are quite a few visual changes with this release. As well as the groundwork laid for the upcoming retina iPad 3 and future features.

Let me know what you think in this thread.

Yay! I’m getting an iPad 3. Glad the copying to clipboard got by… :smiley:
Sorru for posting the other one thanking you before you posted. Thought you might not… NVM.
Update - Sometime or another, you might want to change your videos and screenshots.

Nice! One small error in the manual entry for saveProjectInfo though. It states “… with ‘description’ as the key.” instead of “… with ‘Description’ as the key.”.

Also note that you can now copy your entire project to clipboard by touch-holding it and choosing “Copy” — this should make it easier to share with others.

@Zoyt mentioned this but I thought I’d clarify.

There seems to be an issue when backgrounding the app. When using the 4 tap sweep up gesture, Codea crashes :frowning:

I tried restarting the iPad, and limiting to running a new ‘Hello World’ program, get out to the main menu, and perform the gesture. Codea was bricked :frowning: Tried removing it from the task list, and it crashes again after restarting (which it always does after a crash), then restarting again, repeating the steps again, and again it crashes :frowning: Looks like major bug!

@Simeon When pasting the copied source in a newly created project, didn’t you mention earlier something about automatically recreating the tabs as well?

@Herwig I can’t recreate that with the four-finger-sweep (or double-tap home button). Does it always happen? I tried in the project browser, viewer and code editor and was always able to resume. Can anyone else re-create this?

Regarding pasting, we want to put that in and believe it doesn’t go against policy, but we’re taking it one step at a time.

Great stuff.

My only disappointment is that issue 109 (Errors in collide callback are not reported)hasn’t been addressed. It’s causing me a lot of hassle in apps that use the physics engine.

Any idea when a fix will be available?

@Simeon yes it happens all the time. All I have to do is start Codea, go in a project, go back to the menu and do the four finger sweep (or the double tap home button). Could it be related to the use of saveProjectInfo ? I used it on a couple of projects of mine (setting both “Description” and “Author”) and I noticed the description didn’t show right away (needed some horizontal scrolling to other projects and back). The first crash happened right after that! Might be a coincidence, but still…

@Herwig did you initially save under “description” (lower-case d) as the docs incorrectly mentioned? That may have overwritten “Description” but then fail to load the description, causing a crash. I would suggest having a look in iExplorer to see — sorry about the bug in the docs!

@Nat sorry! I forgot to address that one. Next update will solve it, I know what causes the issue and it’s easy to fix.

@Simeon Yes I used ‘description’ first. I’ll have a look with iExplorer tomorrow…

So you mentioned that you might make an automatic class tag generator… For copying to the clipboard, maybe eventually have Codea test for the line var = class(). Then it’s not striking apple as project import. Not meaning to rush you.
For unidentified crashes, try posting the crash log (somewhere else… it’s too long usually) found under Settings>General>About>Diagnostics & Usage>Diagnostics & Usage Data and then go under one with the latest date and with the name Codea. For instance, Codea-2012-02-23-21-13-56_.... I manage to crash apps a lot on even my iPad 2, so I would know. Just copy it all and paste it. It sometimes helps the developers and sometimes I can decode it.

@Herwig if you could send the crash log, as @Zoyt suggest, it would be most helpful.

Just got a chance to update my Codea. Playing with it for a while. Like the new app setting. Hoping more app setting options in the next update. Will write a new post about this.

Then I purchased the dark theme. Nice! It would be great for on bed night coding. :slight_smile:

Overall, a nice update. Thank you, 2LL. :slight_smile:

Very nice, looking forward to playing with the new stuff.

Thanks @bee! Glad you like it. The settings panel is definitely there for future use — managing your custom sprites is the big one I’d like to use it for.

I just bought the new editor theme :slight_smile: love it :smiley:

Yea me too, new theme is great. Another great update, thanks again.

Hello Dark Theme! Very pleasing on the eye. Well done guys :slight_smile: