Climb Higher: Endless Jumping Platformer

What’s up guys?! So I think a lot of you saw my screensaver project from a few days ago, and if not you should check it out! Anyway, that was a test for a game I wanted to work on. I wanted to make a simple game that could be either one or two player. Currently there are a few bugs with the two player version, but one player is a lot of fun by itself! Most of the code is already set up for two player, so while I work on that you guys can test the game and give me your feedback! Thanks a ton!

I’m thinking of adding a ten second timer that resets whenever you reach the next platform, so if you fall off, you have ten seconds to jump back up or you lose. That’s just one idea. If you have a better suggestion I’d love to hear it!

I’m getting an error that keeps me from running,

Edit: Fixed it, was a error on my part!

Why do you have separate classes with identical (as far as I can see) code, for the two players and platforms? You can just have one player class, and one platform class, and create two instances of each, passing through the player number each time.

Thanks @Ignatz, there were a few things like touches, physics categories, translating, and rotating that were different for both types, and I wasn’t sure what the best way to handle them was. Are you able to translate in Main and then use a for loop to draw the objects in the table?

yes, you can

Also, if you need to do things two different ways for the players, you can put an if test in the class so it handles each one correctly

nice, Climb Higher: Endless Jumping Platformer for two players