Helloo again :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to learn how classes work, and i cant find any.
So are there any tutorials about classes?

In @ignatz 's ebook it’s explained very well and it helped me a lot!

Here’s the link btw

@G_nex thanks! Halready had that ebook but i only am at chapter 3 xd

@Jessevanderheide - I suggest don’t bother learning about classes until you know a bit of Lua, then it will be easier to understand

@Ignatz i dont want to use them YET… But i just want to understand what they are useful for

Classes are becoming a thread that is asked about once a week… In this case, twice. I already wrote a fairly well commented example of them, see it here.

@SkyTheCoder whoops… sorry, i dont really look into other stuff on the forum that much, but anyway thanks for saying, i will look at other threads more.

@Jessevanderheide usually a quick search on these forums, stack overflow, or plain google will answer any questions I have. Only when I can’t seem to figure out what I’m missing will I post, and even then someone else will usually respond with a link to something I couldn’t find.