Changing Code Entry Colors (For Sensitive Eyes)

My eyes have become sensitive to black (and colors) on a stark white background from 27 years of staring into computer monitors that feature programs designed to use these colors by default.

Glare is a major problem, now.

Can I change Codea’s default colors within the code entry section?

Something with a soft, medium gray background would be nice. “Themes”, you know, are all the rage these days.


On evenings the ipad contrast is too strong.
I just turn the luminosity to 50%.
Have tried that?

@Psmith have you tried the dark theme? This presents light text on a dark background and is accessible via the settings panel. Sorry if you have already tried this out and it didn’t work for you.

I’m actually asking before purchasing - since having no color options would prohibit me from successfully using the app, at this point.

The dark theme might just be the ticket - but the background color is key: black backgrounds are better than white ones, but middle grey is better than black.

Could you post a screen capture of this dark theme?

Thanks very much,


Here you go:

I like the dark theme, it’s almost exactly what I use in other text editors.

Thanks. Looks perfect.

Somebody’s obviously thinking and anticipating the needs of different types of users.

It’s a deal.