Nice, @RichGala1. Seems like you had a successful day of coding. This isn’t really a challenge, but you might want to learn about 2d transformations (i.e. matrix transformations) which most of use use a lot for drawing in our games. A good way to learn is to do this tutorial written about 2d transforms in Processing (a different programming language), and translate the code to Codea code to test:

The Processing code is extremely similar to Codea, making it easy to translate. Be aware that all calls of the size() function can be ignored, and there is no triangle function in Codea, so you have to draw 3 lines instead.

And if you would like to learn about meshes, which are very useful for making graphics intensive games, you may want to check out the Mesh tutorial on the Codea wiki, written by yours truly:

Once you get all that down, you should be ready to handle about anything. Maybe I can think of something more intermediate level for you, or maybe someone else on here has some ideas.

Good mesh tutorial. The matrix transformations was interesting but I can’t think of why I would use it.

EXCELLENT start-up challenges, by the way. Thanks to you I learned something valuable. I don’t want to keep taking away ur time and challenge ideas so I guess I’ll start a new project. Tnx!