Cargo Bot made Boing Boing


Not only for kids [-X I really like this game (*)

Awesome, though the podcast link doesn’t appear to work for me (404), and the embedded podcast seems to be from the previous week. Does it work for anyone else?

The link works for me. Btw, my kid -6 y.o- and my nephew -14 y.o- are addicted to Cargo-Bot though the younger could never pass the Easy level. The elder is starting to learn programming with Codea. :slight_smile:

@bee the link to the page works, but the podcast link does not. The “Click to play podcast” link: — and the embedded episode appears to be 25, covering “Expand It,” not episode 26.

Oh, I’m sorry @simeon, you’re right, the podcast link doesn’t work.

Well done to Cargo-Bot!

(I’ll also take a look at the other apps they discuss - my kids currently get their “We want” list from what their friends play at school, and those don’t always coincide with what I’d like them to be doing!)

cool! Funny how I thought the game was super hard, and then all of sudden it’s a game for kids. What does that tell me? :slight_smile: