Can't see iAds on Test Device (iOS 8).

I am having a problem viewing iAds on my own devices on iOS 8. However, my device with iOS 8 can view all the add ons i have. Does anyone know how to fix this, or is this just an issue with the beta version of iOS 8?

It’s not an issue with iOS 8. Did you properly enable iAds and you have the iAd contract up to date?

@JakAttak. Yes, i set them up properly, but i can only view them on my iPad with iOs 7. Im referring to the test ad, sorry for not mentioning that. Even Game Center doesn’t work with iOS 8.

@YoloSwag, hmm… I had no issues with iOS 8 and iAds and Game Center

@YoloSwag Are you using something like Weblock to block ads on your device?