Can't get back to screen?

I am a newb at Codea and programming in general. After playing around with the variables, I made the full-screen black with no buttons. Now I can’t get back to the project. All I get is the black screen. Have I crashed Codea? Will I loose all my projects? How do I get back?

Nevermind, it must have been stuck in a glitch. After several tries I finally opened codea and the black screen was gone. I will definately change that code.

Did you type displayMofe(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS)? If so, next time, just double tap with 3 fingers.

And if not, next time, close Codea, open the multitaskingtasking panel, click and hd on an app, and press the minus over Codea. Then reopen it.

When you run the program in Fullscreen mode with no buttons. You have to provide the way to exit in order to go back to the editor. Just call function called close() manually. For example

function touched(touch)
   if touch.state==ENDED then

It will go back to editor when you touch the screen.

Thank you! I am learning. This can get addictive. I figure if kids can do this then so can I.

Because I am in middle school. Only :slight_smile:

I did it again! I tried the double tap with three fingers and didn’t work. Then I went back to Accessibility in IPad general settings. In there I turned the Triple-Click home on and off which seemed to fix it. I was able to go back to the Codea app and get back to my project.