Cannot back up code

Can’t find any way to do this. In iTunes I’m not seeing anything under file sharing and from any of the talk on the forum I can’t see any buttons or anything in the app that can save all the work I’ve done.

How do I get my code off of the iPad and somewhere safe?

@st33d There are a couple of ways to back up your code. You can copy each project by holding down on the project’s icon and clicking copy. Then you can paste this into a text file and put it on dropbox or e-mail it to yourself. You can also use a third party program such as iExplorer to extract the Codea file from your iPad and then locate each .lua file within that.

@st33d give iExplorer a try — we’ll try to put iTunes File Sharing back in (Apple made us remove it in the past, but I think they might allow it through in the future).

@Simeon will you allow iCloud backup for Codea in iOS 8?

@st33d Have a look at the link below. It’s not perfect, but I wrote it and it worked for me. When I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and deleted Codea by mistake, it also deleted all of my 300+ projects that I had. It took awhile, but I was able to restore all of the projects I had saved with this after I reloaded Codea.

Okay, well I was able to back up to Codea Communities at least:

Is there an issue with Codea writing to the DropBox link at all? Having a mirror of all my projects on there would be a great help.

I did argue with the App Store to get my puzzle game to be allowed to save its levels to the Documents folder on the iPad and they let it through. That was last year.

Unfortunately I recently lost 40 puzzle levels I designed in it due to the App Store deciding to nuke all data when it updated. I’m a firm believer in back ups now.

Oh. I can’t show anyone anything on CC unless they’re on an iPad, the tabs don’t respond to mouse clicks. That’s a bit sad. I wanted to show some people the code on Twitter :frowning: