Can you share programs?

I don’t own this yet, but I don’t see the answer to this…

When you make a program in Codea, can you share it with someone else? If I make a sooper aaawsum Koop program that I want to load on other iPads…can I. I supposed Codea would have to be on the other computers, that would be fine.

We had to remove direct email sharing at the request of Apple.

However you can share your programs by touching-and-holding on your project in the project browser, and then choosing “Copy”. This will copy the entire project to your iPad’s clipboard — you can then paste it in an email, or put it on to share it with others.

About Codea having to be on other iPads, that isn’t true… Soon. When Codea Play is released, there will be an area where the user can just type in one tab of code, which means they can also paste in code. Codea Play will be free, so technically, other iPads will be able to run code without Codea.

Simeon the invers it is possible ?
Can I copy one project on the email to codea with clipboard, the past on codea make all classe in different file in one project

Yes, you can copy code on the clipboard and send it in an email and paste it back it, but the tabs you will have to do manually. But TLL has looked into automatic tab organization.

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You can share code with anyone who has Codea. You can either copy the code and paste it in an email and send it to someone or else you can post a copy of it in this forum or on github and they can copy it from there. But the important thing is they need to have Codea running on their iPad to use your code.

@milinda You can also share by

  • Long press the project
  • Choose “Export”
  • Choose “Zip”
  • In the exported panel tap “More Options” and then you can send the file by Air Drop or email to someone else who has Codea. They can open the zip file in Codea to import your project