Can you saveStyle()?

Can you save the current style to a variable ? Similar to pushStyle, but to a variable?
Then use loadStyle to restore…

No, but yo can write a function that retrieves all the styles and stores them for later when you restore it. That wouldn’t be hard to do.

HI @akiva,

Following up on Zoyt’s note I wrote a small app to create rounded rectangle buttons and use saved styles. It doesn’t actually save them - you have to create named styles in another function - this function could be saved in a separate Tab and used as a dependency in any other programs. It’s at the bottom of the following link:

Saved Styles

Hope that helps.



@Zoyt and @Bri_G : thanks. I started writing code to do it, but thought i’d ask before finishing it (why reinvent the wheel if there’s a built in way)