Can you make Codea variables inspectable by XCode?

I need to inspect a variable in my Codea project from inside Xcode.

Is this possible?

Anyone? This seems like it would be fantastically useful for many people, not just me.

I agree it would be great to be able to add things like breakpoints, etc. No idea if it’s possible. Do you know how that kind of thing works in a native (Obj C/ Swift) project? If not, you could start by researching how that works (on Xcode forums/ docs etc), then try to work out whether that’s applicable to script-based apps like those created by the Codea Xcode exporter. When I’m running my Codea app on the iPad with it connected to Xcode, I sometimes look at the monitor tab, with things like framerate, memory usage (not sure whether the framerate is accurate though, maybe its the rate of the iPad itself, rather than the Codea runtime).

Too busy to look into this myself right now, but would be very interested to hear how you get on!

Don’t forget, there’s always, only works with global variables though.

In Swift everything kinda has global access by default, just like lua. In objective-c if you can import the header file you can read anything in it. But to read cross-language (swift to objc or vice-versa) you need a language bridge which is a whole hairy deal.

If the project wrote a variable’s state to a file, in theory Swift could read that file, but that’s a pretty janky process.