Can we at least get project export?

So - apple hates on code import. Let’s set that aside for the moment.

Can we at least get a code export? The old .codea export would work, although now might be a good time to make it a .zip. Send it to an email would be fine. At least that way we could then put it up in copy/paste format. And it shouldn’t break their App store rules.

+1 :slight_smile:

Actually I was about to request the same thing since Apple only has problem with “downloaded code”, not about “uploaded code”. So, I think code export through email in more common file format, such as .zip instead of .codea, shouldn’t be a problem.

Later, by using other apps, such as Evernote, we could download the zipped Codea code from somewhere, such as, right into iPad then copy-n-paste them into Codea. Yes, it’s not as convinience as before, but at least we don’t have to use a PC to grab code from the net.

Yeah we intend to do this, it’s mainly an issue with Apple being so touchy. We’d like to talk to them and find out exactly what is ok and what is not. The GLSL app had code export and they still needed to appeal their rejection.

Yeah we will have to get their approval on this before we put it in, or they will remove the app from the store.

Right after 1.3 is approved, submit a version with .txt export and import and see what apple does.

No. They could just pull it from the App Store and we don’t want that.

They won’t answer your calls, so it might be worth a try. Oh well.

I really hate to be pessimistic but I it does get removed from the store we can do whatever we want. Sorry couldn’t resist. Though we couldn’t share the app with more people hmm…

If it gets removed from the store, TLL stops making money, and the guys adding all of the awesome new features coming down the pipe (and let me assure you - they’re awesome) have to get other jobs. I, for one, want them to keep doing what they’re doing.

The only reason I suggest export is that it’s presumably not against Apple’s rules. I wouldn’t suggest TLL just add it in and try - but I would suggest that if the appeal process they’re in comes out negative, they ask if they can at least do this much; I am hopeful that Apple’s motivation is greed based (“we are afraid it will affect app store sales”) rather than just evil (“we hate sharing”) - simply because if it is greed based, there’s grounds for argument, convincing them that either this does no harm, or that preventing sharing harms Apple more than it helps them.

Actually, I’m hoping Apple’s motivation is “We’re blindly following rules that don’t really apply to this situation” - that seems the most likely scenario to be positively influenced by the appeals process.


TLL - as a thought, make “Codea Plus”. Exactly the same, but with the features you think Apple will flip out about, like the code sharing (and sockets!). If they do yank it from the store, or refuse to allow it - no worries, it’s not the “real” Codea, and it gives you a chance to establish a new dialog about the features Apple will allow or not. Just a thought. At least when I looked before, your costs for the App store are the same with 1 app or 20.

It’s not just about removing from the App Store, the app reviewer said our developer account would be banned if we attempted to circumvent the rules in any way. I just wish they would start this appeals process or at least let us submit with the intention of getting rejected.

Sigh. If that’s their attitude, it’s incumbent on them to have some way to clarify the rules before you submit code. But of course, they don’t have to, because they’re Apple and they hold all the cards.

I feel for you.

Good luck, Simeon. I wish we all can continue and have a nice time with this genious app. Please do not take the risk of being banned.

It will all work out in the fullness of time. I really think Apple will want to advertise the capability of thier hardware once they determine a way to control it.

If Apple were to ban the app, they would suddenly find themselves dealing with worldwide infrastructure issues and be in an end of days scenario.

 If Apple were to ban the app, they would suddenly find themselves dealing with worldwide infrastructure issues and be in an end of days scenario.

Of course! We have all heard of the Codean Prophecy!

Seriously, @Simeon, I’m with @CrazyEd… Please don’t risk the appstore’s greatest app.

(And in the meantime consider bringing out an OS X version…)

If one upsets an art-centric environment (Apple users), and disturbs a animated art tool ( Codea ) one run the risk of satire and that satire becoming more real than the orginal subject of ridicule.,_a_voluptuary_un.aspx

But, now isn’t the time for these games. It’s time to enjoy 1.3 and show the positive that can be done.

(I have however storyboarded in my mind video of Siri pleading the fate of Codea on behalf of it’s mute brother the iPad which with some strong groupsourced production effort could go viral. But now isn’t the time to delve into temptation, now is the time for postive creation)

As I’ve mentioned in other threads - we don’t need to lampoon Apple; their current stance is 180 degrees opposite of their own past, award-winning advertising, with 1984 and “Think Different”.

We just need to wait for them to come to their senses. The question is - will that take a month, or will it take 5 years and a loss of market share?