Can someone use the application without having codea?

I would like to know if i can share this application while it is still on codea only to someone else so he can use it as well on his ipad ?

Yes, Codea can create stand-alone applications which can be run by other iOS users who do not have Codea. To do so you need to export your Codea code to Xcode and submit it to the App Store. This requires a Mac with Xcode, and a $99/year App Store Dev account, and your application is subject to review by Apple.

It would be a lot cheaper if the other person got Codea. Then you could just copy your program and email it to them. You could then write and share programs with each other.

@dave1707, do you mean just creating a new project, and inputting there the code?

@TokOut I mean instead of spending a lot of money on Mac’s, and Dev accounts, and trying to use Xcode, just have a friend buy Codea and the two of you can use email to share code and run it with Codea.

TBH I didn’t really understand the question, and assumed the OP didn’t literally mean one other person, because otherwise of course the answer is no, you can’t use Codea without having Codea, and the easiest solution, as @dave1707 points out, is to get Codea.

Hi @calinefrangieh,

You can transfer code easily if you set up a Dropbox, Github or iCloud account and save the file from it to the cloud storage. You need to use the public folder with Dropbox and pass a link to your friend. You will also need to have a text editor on the iPad - I use Textastic. Cut and past the code from the archived file (using the long touch hold menu on the file you need, in Codea).

If you need to there are many ways to make code available to friends or other Codea enthusiaists. A quick search of the site will get you many results.



If the code is simple, you could use Codea Scratchpad (free) to run it.

Codea Scratchpad is £3.99 now. I’d recommend springing for the full version. It’d be cheap at 4x the price.