Can anybody help me translate this from Touch Lua to Codea?

I wrote a Touch Lua program on iPod and now I sorta want it on iPad with Codea. Could anybody help me out?

Lua script:

Are you asking someone to translate 300 lines of code for you? Why don’t you have a go?

@Ignatz I’m asking for help. How would I replicate

(I’m not asking for someone to do it all lol, I’m not that lazy)

@warspyking You would need to use the keyboard, which would require using showKeyboard(), hideKeyboard(), function keyboard(key), or keyboardBuffer()

ok, then I suggest you first look in the reference link at top of the page, and if it’s not there (which in this case, it isn’t), I suggest searching the forum, because it’s unlikely you are the first to ask (and you will find stuff on

If you’re still stuck, then ask. But please look first.

I understand the keyboard and such, but I want to exactly replicate it…

Aren’t the way TouchLua and Codea draws stuff different? I think both apps have some key differences from eachother. I’ll try to analyze it and see if I can make some translated portion if I have time.