camera shader

I am starting to look at shaders. It is so exciting to process camera input live! Here is a basic attemps to improve the dark regions of the image. There are sliders to:

  • choose the camera.
  • increase the light (0/1/2).
  • increase the color saturation.
  • filter the noise out.

here is the video (top part is missing due to a bug in current codea version recording).

lol, shaders are quite fun, aren’t they?

nice work

Lol! Could you include the code?

@coder_maker the code is in the link above.

i have improved my program. Here is what i get now. It is just an example, the result itself (denoising) is not so good.

here is the code:

to get the correct view, in the Main tab, line 35:
remove the --
I had to comment this line to put it on CC

Does anyone have this code in among their old projects? It looks a lot like an extremely simplified version of the new Shaders app, a version that only does one thing. It seems cool.