Camera Rotation

When I use the Camera example on my iPad with Retina Display (MD511LL/A), the displayed image is rotated 90 degrees no matter how I orient the iPad. If I set SupportedOrientations(PORTRAIT_UPSIDE_DOWN), the orientation is correct even if I rotate the iPad. If I remove Supported Orientations, orientation is still correct until I exit and restart Camera.

Is this as it should be? I read that there were/are some camera issues with IOS. I’m running 8.4.1.


I’ve had this problem with the camera too, as far as I know, there is no fix atm

seems to be a bug. wasnt like that in the last version. maybe @Simeon can look over it…

you could mirror the image taken from the cameraSource but after the first orientationChanged() call, things get swapped back to the right direction, and you need to mirror back.

Thanks se24vad. I’m updating a program I did a few years ago in which the camera worked OK at the time.

@se24vad - does that mean that if you start by using orientationChanged, everything is OK? If so, that would be a workaround.

@Ignatz I didn’t try this myself, but it should work.

Actually I began to write example code to prove that … but there is another bug! img = image(CAMERA) doesn’t work anymore. In that case CAMERA is nil… Assigning a source to image() stopped working.