Camera access and canvas operations (blitting)

A way to programmatically trigger the camera (if available) and get access to photos as sprites would open up all sorts of fun.

Related, if we could draw/composite graphics (offscreen for extra points), then grab them as an image (or save them to a sprite pack or photos!) would also be super keen.

While I’m wishing - movie camera access for augmented reality fun would be cool as well.

Hmm. Does codify work on the iPhone? I haven’t tried yet. It should. :slight_smile: and if it does, ways to auto-sync between my iPhone and iPad would be cool…

And a pony, while I’m asking.

I really like TLL’s idea for setting a color as an image. And the. Use the commands capturePhoto(side) that can be declared like this:

variable = capturePhoto(FRONT)