Call for beta testers (iPhone and iPad game)

I’ve finally got a game to a stage where I would like to do some beta testing. It’s been a bit of a journey, including two games which I have shelved for the time being as too ambitious. In the end I’ve gone for something simple and (I hope) fun.

Here’s a gameplay video. You can see the rules if you pause the start of the video, but in short you have to beat your opponents by finding number combinations which add up exactly to a target. Get one right, you get extra time, get one wrong by overshooting the target (think blackjack) and you lose You’re doing it against the clock and there are three difficulty levels to beat.

Anyone interested in helping me with some betatesting? I’m not going to bombard you with systematic surveys or anything like that, honestly I’d just be grateful for anyone who can take the time to give a bit of feedback, but questions which interest me are:-

  1. Did you find any bugs?
  2. Is the game intuitive?
  3. Is the difficulty curve right?
  4. How well can it be played on a device smaller than an iPhone 6? The screen should look fine (I’ve tested them all with the simulator), but I’m concerned that when the grid goes up to 5x5 that in practice the buttons are too small to press quickly and accurately.

Oh yeah, and is it fun?!

I’ve got a testflight build of the game approved by the App Store, so if you’re interested just drop me a message with your email address. You’ll need to install Testflight, and that requires iOS 8 on the relevant device.



I’ll check it out bud

@Qtipit thanks, you need to DM me your email address to get an invite to the beta test. You’ll get an invite and click a link in the email address to be able to install the game through Testflight

All on the app store now for anyone to try (for free!).

famously, hordes of evil animals. By smashing combos