Calculator v1.0 project [released] Now: 2.0

Calculator script codes

Version 1.0

Short: Cool calculator, with bugs that have to be soluted! Thx for installing my job. I made the calculator by using operation, number and number2, and many other alone created tags. The project includes 8 classes and one Main class.

It’s ok for a beginner, but you need to learn about tables.

Great work! Nice to see you using Github to host your work.

Thx @Simeon, I respect your answer!

@TokOut You have a lot to learn and you need to do a lot more programming before any of your code should be included in the Codea examples. Can you honestly say that your programs are equivalent in content and complexity to any of the example programs. The example programs are there to show what Codea is capable of and to give examples of how to use some of the complex functions. They also show a lot of the minor functions and code usage that new coders can look at and learn how to use. I’m not saying that something you write will never be included there, but you have a long way to go to get there.

And if you want you can put this calculator codes into the code examples in codea

Can say me something to? How to copy permanent all content off the GitHub file

Here is my calculator in 4 lines format:

function draw()
http.request("",function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,function(e) print(e)end) 

But this here is version 1.3

The new calculator version 2.0