I’ve seen a lot of bugs in code. And I mean ALOT. Every day i get the keyboard bug. But this bug is messing with my code and that makes me frustarded. I don’t know much about the self. But my friend uses it in his code for iOS UI. I put the iOS in my code to my project And it’s saying a error about it and there’s nothing wrong with the code (at least I think) can someone report this bug to @Simeon or at least tell me what’s happening

What’s the keyboard bug. What other bugs are you seeing. It’s hard to say what’s wrong when all you say is you see a lot of bugs. From my experience, if you’re seeing a lot of bugs, maybe you’re not doing something right.

@dave1707 the keyboard bug is say. I’m on line 5. Then I delete some code. But then it deletes the code on line 9. That’s the keyboard bug. And it happens wen I code for about 10 minutes without running it. Another bug is wen I get off my project and it runs the code and wen I’m on the menu I can still see my project running. Only thing is it’s side ways

@AveryD Are you talking about this happening on an iPad or are you doing this on a Mac using AirCode or something else. I’m strictly an iPad coder and I’m not seeing any of those bugs. If this is on an iPad, what version of iPad are you using. The more info that you give about the bugs and the device you’re on, the easier it is for someone to give you a specific answer to your problem.

@AveryD I get that keyboard bug sometimes, I’ve found that if you press the play button on the extended keyboard and then exit the project, it fixes itself.

@dave1707 yeah I’m on the iPad version

@SkyTheCoder long time no see

@averyd I think he means what iPad are you using and what version of iOS? I don’t get any of these bugs.

@Crumble iPad mini. And iOS 7

Yes, I get that sometimes as well, it happens on ipad when you press play and then before the program starts you tap on the code so the keyboard pops up just before the program launches.

When you exit the program this bug happens. Skythecoder is right, when you press play again (taking care not to accidently tap the editor code before start) and exit, it is solved.