Breakable Walls

@JakAttak - maybe a crude workaround is to put a second set of walls a little outside the first set. The bounce may be a little delayed, but at least it will happen.

Just looked into this and it appears that physics.continuous is incorrectly implemented as a function.

Please try setting it as follows:

physics.continuous( true )

(You can set the bullet property as you are currently setting it.)

Let me know if this works, I’ll change this behaviour so that continuous works as a property in the future.

Edit: Thanks @dave1707 for the dead-simple example, really helped.

@Simeon I ran my test program again and without physics.continuous set, the rectangle stopped at the wall 14 out of 50 tries. I set physics.continuous(true) and the rectangle stopped at the wall 50 out of 50 tries. So it looks like that now works.

@Simeon I tried it again, this time using a circle with a radius of 1. Without physics.continuous set, the circle went thru the wall all 50 times. I turned physics.continuous on and the circle stopped at the wall all 50 times. It was going at the max speed of 3840 pixels per second each time I ran it.

@dave1707 that’s good to know — glad it’s working. Keep in mind in the next build you will have to set the property by using physics.continuous = true rather than using it as a function. The same goes for physics.pixelToMeterRatio.

@Simeon Loaded the latest update and changed physics.continuous(true) to physics.continuous=true and everything was still OK.

@Simeon, @dave1707 thanks, that did the trick!