Break Free (Download for free today!)

Hi guys, the Codea forums have been so helpful to me, and I have made significant progress thanks to users answering my questions when I was stumped. I am very glad to announce that my game is now available on TestFlight to test, and PM me if you would like the link. The game is very simple, and involves the user flicking a ball to try to stop other oncoming balls. Seems easy, right? Well, I wanted to challenge people with a simple concept almost the same way that Flappy Bird did with having the user simply tap the screen to control the bird. The game is almost on the same difficulty.

@YoloSwag, you absolutely cannot submit it!

I’m kidding of course. feel free to use the code I have shared :slight_smile:

Do you have a video of the game in action?

@YoloSwag yes a video would be good, it’s sounding like a good concept. I’ll beta test for you but you should know I won’t be able to get back much due to working on my own game.

ill beta test

I’d be happy to beta test as well:

Ya. Feel free to. It’s under the MIT license, but that’s it.

@Zoyt. Is a license reccomended for apps on the App Store?

@YoloSwag I would like to test as well.

@YoloSwag MIT license:
It’s basically giving you full use of the code without any limits, do whatever you want with it. You need a developer license to sign apps to be able to put them through test flight and eventually the app store.

@Luatee. I’ll look into getting that license as I would like to open source the code.

And I’ll send you guys the link later today! I’ll also be posting a trailer soon.

@YoloSwag it’s a different kind of license to developer, all you have to do is put the disclaimer (in that link) for the license somewhere in your code (preferably the main tab) and then you release the code in an Xcode project or as a set of lua files. That’ll let everyone know they can use the code freely.

Could I beta test it? Also, a video would be nice.

Here is this link to the trailer:

@SkyTheCoder. I’ll be posting the TestFlight link within a few hours.

Here’s the link to Beta 5.0. Thanks!

Give me about 10 minutes. You’ll receive an email

great trailer!

The trailer is so intense :open_mouth:

Thank you! I’ll be posting a new update to fix a slight issue with the restart button and menu button not working shortly.

Could you accept me to the team @YoloSwag, I’m signed up as Collin Kersten

@YoloSwag Can you accept me as well?