Brain storm

hey guys

I am trying to think a game idea that has awsome ai and would be challeging yet enjoyable to play ( hopefully sell it as an app too ), but I can’t think of an idea. Any suggestions on how to get inspiration?

Thanks guys

Same for me. I am wondering how i could legally get 1 million dollars from someone else, in a short delay and without any effort from myself. Any suggestion? Thanks bud!

+1 Jvm38, =))

Have a look at a LOT of different games, both to get ideas, and to make sure that when you get your own idea, you aren’t just copying another game.

Also look back at some of the original 8 bit games going back as far as the C64 / VIC-20 / ZX Spectrum etc.

That was a time when originality ruled mainly because nothing like this had ever appeared before so there was nothing to copy from.

Make a list of what you want in a game, then try to come up with something that has most of those characteristics.

@Jmv38, very well said!
Answers the question, i think.