Box Game

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last used Codea so I decided to create a little game based on an idea I generated on this website (An RPG where you have to live in a box to make money)
After 5 hours of hard work I came up with this:
Maybe I’ll post some update from time to time if I’m bored and there’s nothing else to do but for now feel free to use any of it for your own projects :wink:

Looks promising, even if I’m not really sure I understand the idea :slight_smile: The GUI looks really nice already, better than I ever do(not really a fancy graphics guy, as I like creating algorithms more). The only thing is I found a bug…when you press the pause button inside the box the cash keeps counting up. Not sure if that was intended, just wanted to bring it to your attention. Overall, great looking game so far!

I’m glad you like it :), I don’t really understand the idea myself (it’s generated with an idea generator, these ideas usually make no sense) I made this game it to freshen up my memory since it’s been a while. I am quite happy how the GUI came out, I wanted to try something new. Thanks for reporting that bug, the pause button doesn’t really pause the game, it pauses the music and blocks most things in the game itself but it seems like I skipped the counting.