Hi, I was just thinking for a novel I’d like to visualize better. With sound, some little animations or nice backgrounds. Would Codea be a good choice? I thought of Webkit (HTML5 + JQuery Mobile) first, but I think I would have much lesser control over the single page appearance.

What do you think?

This is possible with codea, you could easily do it by downloading the text for the book using http.request and displaying with text(), it sounds simple, and it is once you get the hang of it

Thanks for the info Luatee. I know that sound as of mp3 or wav is not yet supported, but it seems that in a sooner future it will. How about an iPad, iPad mini and iPhone version? I would probably need to handle all cases separately du to size and resolution?

I myself have not yet made an app for iPhone, main reason is I have an android… I would assume you’d need to get the width and height values for for the iPhone screen and scale the iPad screen workspace to that section then work around that and change the resolution values on export and such else. There are a few users to my knowledge that have made iPhone games in Codea, I’m sure they will answer any questions if they stumble upon this thread.

Well it’s simply a question of scaling down the page content, since my guessing is, that it wouldn’t be readable then. A fixed page layout would mean a tailored app for every machine unfortunately.

You could then just add an option to zoom in on the iphone. unless ofcourse you would want to make the font size suitable for the iphone.