I was wondering if codea allows a bluetooth function.


This might be coming soon, a few people have asked for it.

ok thanks

I think this opens up huge potential for multi-player games and apps if this ever gets implemented - so a yes from me.

Ps. To my knowledge, TechBasic is the only programming tool on the iPad that supports Bluetooth (LE) currently.

@andymac3d I’m hoping to high heavens this will come as it’s probably the only way I could get two players to build together in my game, I imagine it would be very complex too as well. Does it violate any Apple T’s&C’s?

Aside from game programming I have been using Codea to interface to a Raspberry Pi over WiFi. It would be nice to have bluetooth instead of WiFi. My aim is to see how much can be done with an iPad directly.

I’m using a bluetooth compatible Arduino so bluetooth would make everything a lot easier

@Luatee, what about sockets?

@JackAttack I think this thread was written before we knew sockets were coming.

@TheSolderKing, that’s my bad, didn’t check the date on the posts