Bluetooth Multiplayer

hey I’m new to codea and haven’t even purchased it because I wanted to know something about the app. I know you can do two player multiplayer but the people have to actually share the device. I was thinking of doing a multiplayer game like Finger Foos. Check out that game and it’s Bluetooth capabilities. Is it possible to do anything like that in codea. This will be my first time coding and want to now if codea can do this before I spend the money on the app. I’m only 15 and this is a big deal to me. Thanks for the help!!!

Sorry no Bluetooth capabilities yet but it is a feature we are interested in adding in future.

So is there any other way to do multiplayer with two different devices.

There is an http get, and using it with a server will allow you to do a certain kind of multiplayer. Like… Multiplayer chess, sure. Finger foos though, not happening unless Bluetooth or advanced sockets get added. Probably any kind of multiplayer action game using multiple devices is currently not possible with Codea.

That gives me an idea, though… Draw Something clone in Codea. Methinks it is possible.

Looking at this tutorial:

There are a lot of details about Game Center integration. Would it be possible to use Game Center to do networked real-time head-to-head type stuff?