Bluetooth keyboard

Do people have recommendations for ipad keyboards? I can read reviews online but figured a lot of people here must be using them so thought I’d ask.

I use a standard apple Bluetooth keyboard at work - no complaints, its nice. I don’t use it on the iPad, mainly because I use the iPad in places an external keyboard doesn’t work well in.

I use the same one Bortels does, but also on my iPad. It works great - unless I forget it’s is still “attached” and I can’t figure out why the on-screen keyboard won’t show up.

I use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard on iPad. It is better than using the on-screen keyboard because you can use cmd buttons. However, you can not use the Function keys(F1-F12). The problem occurs as @ jlslate said. The iPad keeps connecting with the Bluetooth keyboard that is why the on-screen keyboard doesn’t show up. You have to turn off the iPad Bluetooth. You can read more information at

i also use the apple bluetooth keyboard - its great! the best thing is that you have buttons for up-down-left-right wich make the navigation in your code much easier. and you have this thing attached to the normal virtual keyboard - where the commands for “()”, the play botton, maths and so on are - still stere, its on the bottom of the screen.

the thing why i wished it for for christmas(and got it) is because when you code, you often need more overview of what you are writing. with the keyboard you have nearly the whole screen.

i hope this helps you!

You guys have convinced me to give my Bluetooth keyboard a try! Thanks.

no problem :wink:

I love my Bluetooth keyboard. Work great. And it’s especially good with Codea.