Beginnings of a game. I screwed up earlier and sent the wrong one to posterous.

This is just the framework - nice to look at, but no real gameplay yet.

Suggestions appreciated.



I was playing this last night, it looks really interesting but I couldn’t quite figure out the rules. Can you explain how to play?

So far, there is no real playing involved. It is just the beginnings of a game. You can select the number of players from the slider, then you move about the board. Nothing yet happens when you move (other than moving) and there are no restrictions on where you can go - yet.
The basic game play will be to travel around the board counter-clockwise trying to get a “key” to progress to the next colored kingdom. Along the way, you can go to the bazaar to buy men, scout, healer, and a beast to help carry stuff. You will randomly meet brigands that will fight you, and if you win, you will get gold, and maybe the key you are looking for. You can also go to the Sanctuary or Tomb where good and bad things might happen. After getting all the keys, storming the BlackTower in the center, and solving the Riddle of the Keys (getting them in the proper order), you must win the final battle against formidable forces. This is a rather ambitious project for me, and might take a looooong time, but I just wanted to get something out there to get feedback on. The text drawing feature is the next big feature I will need - I don’t want to try to use the existing methods and redo it all later.


I like it! Looking forward to the real game!

Nifty layout. Looking forward to the next version.

Nice design

Updated version. Still not completed. Will stop spamming with updates until it is finished. Track progress on Posterous for updated versions.

Still to do - battles, bazaar, much else. Triple finger triple tap to end.