Beta testers needed for half way finished game

Seeming as some of the beta testers I originally recruited have gone awol I’m needing to recruit around 3-4 more testers. If you would like to join the team then you will need to be available for strenuous testing of the app to ensure no bugs are missed.

The app has come quite a way since the last time I recruited testers and this means you will be a part of the main development section (level creation and idea suggestion), if you would like to join then please comment below and I will add you to the inbox.

As for testers currently in the team who have not been as active, if you would like to stay in the team then comment or send me a pm, otherwise I will only be keeping the testers that are active.

I would also like to make this an opportunity for those who do not wish to test the application to make suggestions freely as crowd sourcing is the way forward.

I could do it. But how would we get the game?

@Mason It’s through TestFlight

There’s a beta testing service called test flight, you can register at

Where do I sign up for the team?

You’ll need to be up to standard before I allow you on the team @skullagepk so send me a message back and we’ll see where we are. Same for you @Mason, as I said this isn’t just so you can play a pre-release game, I need people who will be willing to dedicate a portion of their time to testing this app on a regular basis.

Ill join

Sorry. School has taken over my life. :-S

I really want to test it and help you :slight_smile: