Best way to share code?

I have finished my first program in lua and codea, really enjoy this app and quite fond of the language. The program draws polar graphs (I made it as a kind of revision tool). I would share it if anyone is interested but it’s over 300 lines of code so I was wondering if it’s good to just copy and paste the code or share it in another way? The code itself could probably be reduced but I’m not very good at writing neat code.


Easiest is to make an account at github or pastebin, put your code there, and post a link here. A nice pic or YouTube video will encourage people to try your code.

Okay thanks for the tip.

I prefer Github. PS: I have a polar graphing program I could pull out from the depths of codea projects, if you like :slight_smile:

Yeah would be nice to see how yours runs, mines not very good as it’s my first real play with programming with this language. But yeah would like to see it mate

Alright, I’ll work on locating it and (possibly) adding a better way to manipulate it

there is a nice program to create gists by Juce, if you simply want to share some code quickly.