Best way to compile xcode without a mac

The title says it all, I own a windows pc (poor me) so I can’t compile any of my projects, what’s the best way to run xcode? Through a virtual system or otherwise?

Are you looking to just compile or submit to apples App Store? I heard its near impossible to submitt it without running Xcode on a Mac OS.

I just want to compile for now

@Luatee there is — I haven’t tried it and I’m not completely sure how it works. They also offer a free service for open source projects hosted on GitHub

I just tried their demo: worked until the last step, which failed: ‘impossible to doxnload the application’. Seems faily close, though…

Now i know why it doesnt work: on heir site:

Published on July 17, 2013.
Yesterday someone from Apple called to Serge, our founder and noticed, that enterprise certificate registered on our company was been used violating Apple’s agreements.

I cant believe i came just 2 days too late to test their stuff!
Can anyone with a developer licence try it?

Ahh that sounded perfect aswell, shame.