Best way to back up?

As far as I can see the best way for me to backup is to go in to iFile and select all code a folders then compress them and put them on sky drive. Does anyone have a more efficient way?

I just backup to gist and github. Images are on my dropbox.

I’m not a GitHub/gist user but I do use Dropbox for textures and materials… Maybe codea should have a type of cloud?

Jailbreak. Rsync.


is a Codea project that you link to your project (the notes tell you how), and you add one line of code at the top of your project, containing a version number.

Every time you change the version number (and only when you change the number), the backup code will make a copy of your code, saved as an image in your Documents folder. There is an option to restore a backup if you need to. So this makes it easy to make incremental backups on the fly. No need for jailbreaks or complicated setup, just do it.

If you want it saved to the cloud, just edit the code to save to Dropbox instead.

Hmm, I was looking for a no work solution but I guess I’ll have to put some effort in, I tried to use your method before ignatz but I got an error

I also got an error but I did see the image in Dropbox so I assumed it had worked

Maybe you’re using a name that is an invalid image name, eg contains full stop

Ignatz backup program works fine if you do not use a "."in your backupname.
Backupname “asdf 1.1” is wrong and “backup 11” is oke

You may want to check out my AutoGist app. All thats required is a github account. Changing the version number updates your gist for the project while keeping all your previous changes so you can backtrack if needed. And it’s all on the cloud so if your ipad dies you have your projects saved.

Ive seen that one briarfox its pretty good but Im not a gist guy as I said. I just want a clean back up program that I can use I’ll take another look at your one Ignatz, thanks for the help