Basics to get started...

Downloaded the Cargo bot and now I’m hooked! I would love to create a barge / tow boat app as a first app but I am completely new to the language. Simple top down view to start out, single engine with rudder control. Physics to allow the feel of a heavy underpowered barge. My ultimate goal would be some form of perspective view with a twin engine vessel with independent controls for each and free floating barges to push around. Could become a neat little game.

Anyone want to help get me started? I really need some very basics to get me going, like motor control for instance. I have been looking at the samples and trying to learn from them. I need to get a reference book as well.


I do suggest you start with something a little simpler. That’s prestty complicated. And as you might have noticed, some of the top programmers on the forums teamed up to make that app, so it was a little complicated. I. Suggest you start with something simple. Like on of my first apps was Pi Draw. It’s fun and simple. I also suggest you alter code to get use to Codea. This is not GameSalad where you can get right into coding. This is plain text coding, which has many advantages over something like GameSalad, but it harder to learn. But anyways, start with an object in a physics world roll around with the screen following it and hitting other objects. If you need help with that, LMK.

I hear you, I just sort of have a direction to follow and a few ideas to use as stepping stone to learn the language. If I simply start with some sort of square on the screen controlled with a up/down and right left to get started I a, sure I will be learning a bunch along the way.


I do suggest using the accelerometer as the control instead for that type of game. I’m happy to help!

hello cfijim and zoyt. I hear your pain because I am in the same boat. New to this Codea and just by looking at the example apps, it seems to have grabbed me, just got to figure how to program for myself. get the ball rolling. I even was looking for some kind of book or tutorial. You might check out youtube, type in Codea and some kind of tutorials might show up. I hope so. Henry

Could some steer me a bit here? Still don’t have a reference and yet to find a good online source so I have a question.

I don’t seem to understand how gravity works. I thought I could add a parameter like the first two that would add a gravity slider control. I am using the first sample .

I wanted to be able to go from the default gravity to a zero gravity using the slider. Must be the value range but I don’t understand the pixel squared variable.

iparameter(“testgravity”, 1 , 100)

currentTestIndex = 1
currentTest = nil

defaultGravity = physics.gravity(testgravity,testgravity)

Never mind…

I figured it out, needed to update the gravity in the routine …