Background Music

So I was working on an app and thought about adding music to the background. I downloaded the music packs that came with Codea, but nothing seemed just right. I was just wondering what the best way and most used way by Codea users was to create/buy music to use in the background of apps.

You could team up with music writers who are looking for some commercial experience. Like a credit on your game, split of the profits maybe so you don’t have to pay up front.

@Majormorgan That’s a good idea, but do you know of any more practical ideas to use especially during the developing stage?

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@Staples take a look at Kevin MacLeod’s work. He offers his music for use for free (with attribution) and has many amazing pieces:

@Simeon thanks I just looked at his website. That’s pretty much what I was looking for, but a lot of the music sounds almost too professional like something you would hear in a movie. Any recommendations on categories or ways to find music that is usually good for games?

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@NatTheCoder there’s no need to be rude, everyone is new at sometime

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I don’t know this for sure, but couldn’t you make a song in GarageBand, and then export that into Codea through DropBox?

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@Staples Yes, GarageBand is good, drop in a few loops, make some music then save out, possibly with some conversion in Audacity, thats what I did for my game…

For ambient stuff then look at, I have used that to design an ambient soundscape for in-game play, then recorded out…you have to attribute the sound clips used…

You could always try Sibelius!
There is many instruments to choose from and you can export your creations to many different filetypes. Sadly it costs, but it’s worth every penny!

@MMGames $600? O_O

What about FL Studio, for $100?

@MMGames, i find Sibelius rather hard to work with.

Logic Pro is also very good.

To make some retro game music, maybe but vivid tracker for ipad and make it. Just tried it out a bit. :slight_smile:

Would be nice to access the raw audio data in codea, so that you could make a similar sample player :slight_smile:

@SkyTheCoder Sibelius is priced that way because you could make the works of Jean Sibelius on it. It’s much better than FL studio and very easy to learn (the basics) which makes it accessible for many if they can afford it. It’s also designed for creating rich classical instrument sounds whereas FL studio just sounds computerised.

@Luatee It’s called EDM… But fine, I guess it wouldn’t be the best for game music (depending on the game). But most younger people won’t have $600 lying around.