Awesome Codea Videos

Crillion by ruilov: (20 Levels + level editor in the app)

Towers Versus Zombies by juaxix:

Asteroids by juaxix:

Conway’s Game of Life by Alex:

Zombies! by Andy (voiceoftreason): (Animation, custom sprites, text, particles, multiple game screens)

Magic Gems by juaxix:

Atari Enduro by ruilov: (Code:

Tetris by Chidoli:

Pong clone, by James Frost:

Side scrolling platformer, by juaxix:

Particles by phyces: (Code here: )

Multi-Touch particles by Chidoli:

More particles by iSbaerDE: (Code here: )

Planet simulation by iSbaerDE:

Helicopter game by l14m333:

Breakout by Andy (voiceoftreason):

Cat Toy:

Abduction by juaxix:

Here is a video of a simple breakout game i made…


Andy, that breakout game looks fantastic! Would you be willing to share your code?

Wow. That’s just amazing.

I’ll up the code in the next day or so after I’ve removed some bits that never got used and renamed some mystery variables…


Andy, how are you doing the score text? Or are you beta testing a version with the text apis? Cool bit of work there btw :slight_smile:

No text APIs, I wrote a function that line draws the numbers. I’ll put it up with the rest of the code, should be able to do it when I get home from work…

Ah, ok. I was thinking of doing the same, probably still will - I started writing an oldschool style (demoscene) demo, got some nice “unlimited bobs” going but was stumped by the lack of text output. Vectorised text would be cool, can do some 3d transforms with it then.

I’ve posted up the Breakout code for anyone who was interested…


re. Drawing text - I saw what Andy did and was jealous, so I’m working on some code to draw the Hershey Simplex font; plan is to make it into a class people can just drop in. It’s not done yet, but the gist is here if someone wants to look at it - I’m spoiled by ruby’s (and perl’s) array handling, so getting it into lua is being ugly right now, but I think I know how to solve it.

Andy - thanks for sharing the code!

Andy, great result, I just spent the best part of an hour playing!

Seeds of a Sunflower by Machrisdoh -

I thought this room is for code examples, especially from TwoLivesLeft staffs, including the modification of the code. For complete app sharing (code and video) should goes to “Code Sharing” room. Am I wrong? :slight_smile:

I thought more for maintaining links to great videos created by you guys. I’m going to try to keep all the links kept in the top post for quick access. Any sort of discussion can happen below.

This is the result of my last question Simeon :slight_smile:

@John : how can you record a video directly from your iPad?

juaxix: Wow, that’s a really clever little game idea! Very polished too. I think you’re the first person to try parameterising sprites with variables.

Edit: I think some people have recorded video directly from iPad by using a jailbroken iPad and a screen recording app. Not sure what it’s called. I kind of prefer the film-your-ipad style videos though :slight_smile:

Could you please also post the video URL? I don’t know why my Safari and ClickToFlash don’t want to play embedded videos. My kids must have been done something with my mac. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you.

I put it in the first post, but yeah my ClickToFlash is playing up too. Had to disable it to see these videos.

@Simeon: Thank you. :slight_smile: