Asteroyds Ystari Board game,

A game by G. Blossier & F. Henry – Graphics by Nicolas Fructus - Texts: Idic - Design by Cyril Demaegd

this is a link of original game :

for the moment, I’ve make menu and mod solo, and I’m on the mod for 4 players, this is a screen of old version :

Video come soon

That looks great. What are the basic rules of the game?

This game is a space race, throws the dice, players can then start planning the moves of their craft (30s for one player), asteroids move, craft move and the Aim of the game: “take off from the platform and travel through the 4 gates.”

Oh yeah ! Video on youtube ! :

Wow, that game looks really polished! I’d love to see the code for it, especially to see how you’ve managed to use the pictures in Codea. Well done. Looks very professional :slight_smile:

Wow. That’s awesome… Now I want the code… How did you do that stuff? Have you made it on a different platform yet (like Mac or something)? I could port it for you with Löve and put it in application form for you… Or not…
Edit: This process is a work in progress, so you can release my official app for packaging Codea apps into Mac apps… Look forward to it… Btut that’s off topic.

It’s really good idea ! For the moment, i finish the game, and after i give you the complet code and my spritepack :smiley:

Alright. Sounds good. Looking forward o the code and seeing if my method will work.

My site for Asteroyds :

with code (zip : .spritepack and .codea) and a tutorial

Just tried this out and it’s very, very well done!