as the sprite in motion to set the coordinates?

here’s a stupid question. how to make the sprite move so that it was possible to specify its coordinates on the screen.
sptite("boy", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2.5, spx, spy)
but it does not work. instead of the sprite begins to stretch. to shrink or to grow. how to specify the coordinates?

The coordinated are the third/fourth parameters, what you have set as WIDTH/2 and HEIGHT/2.5. Set spx and spy as those parameters if you want to move the sprite.

I did said it already in PM, she is russian, she could get help from russians

She/he asked me in pm,that’s an interesting questions - are Codea geaphics allowed to be used after a release in a project?

Yes, they’re all free to use in your own projects. Generally it’s nice to credit the creators of assets you use (eg a line somewhere Graphics by Daniel Cook, ).

Can you also use the Codea icon? I mean for example:Created by %codealogo%

Yes you can. The default launch image in Xcode projects is the Codea image (this can be changed), although currently there seems to be an issue with launch images not being displayed (not just for Codea apps).