Art creation on iPad

I like the thought of creating everything for an iOS game on the iPad without having to use a computer except for the final publishing.

Has anyone found a good vector art creating program like Inkscape for the iPad, one that will work hand in hand with Codea?

Edit: I was browsing the App Store and found an app called iDraw, it had really good reviews so I took the $8.99 plunge… it’s exactly what I wanted to do, awesome vector art creator, and can save the art as a PNG to photos or Dropbox and import into your Codea assets. If anyone wants to create their game art right on the iPad, you should check that app out.

I have no affiliation with the above app, just letting people know that I found a nice vector art creator for iPad.

i’ve been using ArtStudio for years now. A bit like photoshop elements on pc.

Yup, I’ve been doing all my vector stuff in iDraw for a few years now (there’s also a more comprehensive version for the Mac as well). For 2d painting, Procreate is still unsurpassed IMHO.

Alas, usable and intuitive 3d modelling packages (with .obj export) are still a bit thin on the ground on the iPad - so I still have to use the Mac for this. :frowning:

iDraw all the way for vector drawing. Very precise and so intuitive and powerful it blows my mind, it’s all done with shaders too for optimum performance. I do think it’s a bit overpriced for the mac version (£17.50!) when it does nothing more than the iPad version afaik which is around £7.00.

Edit: Just realised you already found it, neither do I affiliate with iDraw it’s just very well done with a lot of time put in to it.