are you guys still actively working on codea?

not a super urgent thing and mostly, i’m just learning coding through codea (and i’ve found that to be a really excellent experience - thank you very much!)

but there are some features that would be very useful to a newby like me…

  • search and replace! i’m discovering that especially for coding, it’s a very very useful feature to have - especially when you need to rename variables because of consistency issues that come up later.

  • undo! there are times when i have deleted blocks of code and (stupid me) i end up changing my mind! currently, there is no recourse but to either go back to a previous version of the file if it’s recent enough or failing that, just kicking myself in the back of the head (extremely difficult).

anyway, i hope that you guys are making enough revenue from codea so as to justify further development cuz i’m loving it.

thanks much.


There is a undo under the numbers section of the keyboard.

While they spend only one day a week on Codea (I think it’s Thursday), they are still working on it. As you can imagine, most iOS users want to play games, not code them, so they make more revenue off their games, so they work on them more.
v1.6 will be coming soon allowing us to have asset packs and play sound files.

If you’re on Twitter follow: @CodeaCommits. Two Lives Left (the developers) actively post what they’re currently working on.

Simeon has said that a search and replace feature is on the list. However here is a thread where Dave has made it possible for us in the meantime:

Undo is as easy as tapping the numbers button on the standard keyboard and the undo button is above and to the right.


ahhhh… thanks much fellows! that’s going to be a lifesaver.


wait … where’s undo? which numbers button are you guys talking about?

“#” button?

the button that brings up the math symbols?

for the life of me i don’t see it…


NEVERMIND… i see it… you hit the button on the keyboard on the lower left of the keyboard screen and then, when the keyboard changes, it’s just above the spacebar… dang… that’s hard to see…

@jinchoung we still actively work on Codea, and spend most of our time improving it. The undo button is located under the .?123 button on the keyboard.

@Simeon with the music player will there be functionality to get bass and others to create a visualizer for music, I have so many uses for this

@Luatee not initially, no — it will be more aimed at adding music and sound effects to games. But that is a good idea for future expansion.

With @Luatee - and also MIDI. A MIDI ontroller or algorithmic composer out to a bunch of synths on AudioBus shares many characteristics with games. And the Synth ecosystem today is astounding. Lot of musician folks would like to code for that on their iPads.

@Simeon - Any chance of an open source runtime for v1.6? @Luatee’s suggestion gave me some ideas, but it’d be easier to execute them if I had access to the runtime’s code.

I’m hoping that the next version resolves the memory issues and Codea hangs that 1.5.4 is plagued by!

@dwarman the only problem with MIDI is that you need more frequent ticks than 60fps…

although I haven’t played with Core MIDI at all. Does Core MIDI include a sequencer, or is it just raw I/O?

With a sequencer, you’d be able to say “send this message at this specific time”, and queue events up in batches. Without a sequencer, you have to send events at exactly the right time, and a decent sequencer has a resolution of more than 100 events per quarter note… which is about 200FPS if your music is playing at a tempo of 120BPM.

@tomxp411 you can use tween.delay with a 5 ms resolution. Proof:

function setup()

this code outputs 2 clock values about 0.005 s apart.

In addition to the undo button on the number keyboard, I’ve been using “shake to undo” with Codea as well. If you need to undo, just shake your pad!

@Zoyt that’s great! I wanted to ask when sound files when would be in use, that’s perfect