Application creation

I’m a newby. Is it possible to create apps that can be submitted to the app store?

I posted before I read the FAQ. It’s the very first bulletin!

Hmmm…seems to me it’s A popular one!

So here’s another, is Codea better suited for certain types of programs, like gaming, etc. I am interested in other areas as well, such as networking, communications calls, etc. or is it too soon for some of these areas?

There were some discussions in other thread as to what level that networking would be supported in future versions

I think crank_gaming is on the forums here, but his project, LoveCodify could potentially do this:

Eep! I was just going to come on and suggest Love2D as something to mess with for people that might want to learn lua and do some prototyping on (I’m sorry, iPad!) a machine with a real keyboard. Having Love2D support the Codify API (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) or vice versa could be TEH AWESOME. I haven’t looked deeply at Love2D for like a year now, no idea of how far that project has come.