I’m making a app called AppleSmallGames were you can publish apps on it and other users can install them, your app must be made with Appshed Xcode or Codea what I’m talking about right now is Codea if you have a game your working on with Codea you can send it to me and I will put it on the store if you have questions about Xcode here is your answer if you made a app with Xcode doesn’t that mean you can put it on the AppStore? Well not a lot of people have the money to be a Apple devloper and put there app on the AppStore and some people just don’t want to put there app on the App Store also AppleSmallApps is not being made with Codea just to tell you so if you want to put your app on AppleSmallGames just tell me then send me your code and make a app logo for your game I will see if it is a good game and publish it code_maker give me the idea of these app :slight_smile: comment below twitter @AppleSmallApps

I am not sure apple would allow this, I have looked on the forums and generally apple does not approve of app sharing, downloading code from the internet, etc. Nevertheless, it seems like a cool concept, but I am nearly certain apple would not approve :frowning:

It seems like with every post you are trying to get other people to make games for you or do the coding for your game idea for you… why not just learn to code yourself? It’s quite rewarding to make a game from scratch and see it on the app store. Isn’t that why you bought Codea in the first place?

The people on these forums are extremely helpful, but you are asking a bit much.

Also, as said above, Apple doesn’t allow things like this. You would have to submit a new update for every game you add, so that Apple can review each new game and make sure it abides by their rules.

@crumble I do know how to code and I’ve been teaching my brother how to code to on my last discussion I was asking someone to help me Devlop a game I’m making someone helped me and he teached me how to make buttons and that’s what I was asking for also I’m coding game called IYosemite it’s the non jailbreak version and I had primasson by Billie

@TheSolderKing then how come Apple allows appshed to do it?

@TeamSuperCraft to answer @TheSolderKing’s question there are a few differences between AppShed and Codea. My understanding is AppShed is completely online, so it allows you to save bookmarks to a page where it compiles the code locally and runs from the web browser like a web app, this means nothing is stored on the iPad which means sharing happens outside the application. Codea is an offline compiler so it cannot make it through the loop hole.

An addition to that, not many people would feel comfortable handing over applications rights and source code to an entity which isn’t an established company and cannot be brought to justice easily if they were to steal code. Not implying in anyway shape or form that you or anyone else here has intentions like that but as you will have heard it’s better to be safe than sorry.

@TeamSuperCraft, I mean no offence, and I am still much of a beginner, but you needed assistance making buttons for your app, and yet you are planning to make a new appstore? I’d also like to point out, you are making many claims, but are yet to release any proof (a video, code, whatever). The changes you are making to the 2d minecraft program simply seem to be changing the sprites. I’m not saying you are lying, it’s just it looks to us like you are trying to make amazing programs without knowing how to program.

What @Mr_Ninja says is correct, but I would like to add that it is something we all do in the beginning. I mean, most of us have gone into coding with beliefs that it would be super-easy and we would make an amazing game in days. I mean, there are so many games on the App Store it seems programming would be simple. Then we learn differently. The people who become great coders are those who do not give up after learning coding is hard. Most people on these forums are those kinds of people, if not all. Be patient, and soon you will be able to do all you want to. Believe me, I know: my first game was a rectangle that you dragged around with your finger, running away from another rectangle. Rudimentary, but I built on that towards a simple shooter with airplanes. Then, on to learning more concepts and making simple examples. Then I made a more complex galaga style game with a boss and even power-ups. Now I am working on setContext and the like, and am very good with tables and know the basics of 10 programming languages. What I am trying to say is coding is hard, but don’t give up. I wish you good luck on your coding journey @TeamSuperCraft. :smiley:

Thank you @TheSolderKing also I do know how to code I just needed a little help making buttons now that I got that done I’m working more on the app here is a video

@Mr_Ninja I do know how to code sorry if I’m making it seem like I don’t know how

I apologize, that app actually looks pretty cool.

I apologize as well, making Yosemite in iOs must’ve been hard. :smiley:

I think that the $99/year developer license is actually pretty good, because it filters out a lot of useless or low quality apps from the App Store. Take a look at the Google Play Store, for instance. There are some useful apps, but a lot don’t do much, such as “cracked screen” pranks. Either way, I’m pretty sure Apple wouldn’t allow this program on App Store, especially after reading what everyone else said.

It seems you’re posting every project you make the second you start it, and without any code or proof of concept. Maybe it’s better to aim a little lower and focus on one project at a time?

@mr_Ninja oh it’s ok you weren’t mean or anything

@TheSolderKing Ya it was hard and there is some bugs

@SkyTheCoder well the 99$ Apple thing is worth it you make a app and sell it you get money to pay the Apple thing

@SkyTheCoder I’m not going to be making SuperCraft 3D becuz some other people told me I should just stick to small things so I made IYosemite (even tho it was not a small thing) and I’m going to make SuperCraft 2D and im not going to ask for other Devlopers unless I need it

@TeamSuperCraft - forgive me for being a little dubious, but I don’t believe you could possibly build a replica of any part of Yosemite in Codea in a couple of days.

What I believe you could do is copy some Yosemite icons and screencaps (eg of settings and finder), stick them on a Codea screen, and move them around. The text app doesn’t seem to be done in Codea, because it doesn’t have “Made in Codea” superimposed like the rest of the video.

I’m happy for you to prove me wrong, just show us something that couldn’t be a screencap.

@Ignatz That’s what I was thinking. Looks like he used the Yosemite app for jailbroken devices that he is copying, and threw on a Yosemite background with Made in Codea on the bottom right of the background.

@Crumble yes I’m making a non jailbreak version of IYosemite I asked Billie if I can (Billie is the owner of the app) and he send I can and @ignatz yes I use photos from IYosemite and icons what do you think I can atually make it from scratch Frist of all I can make icons but not icons like that seacon of all Billie is doing the same thing with his app he uses he’s make to take photos of settings and finder seacon of all I know your not trying to be rude but I don’t like how you try to prove me wrong I mean everyone can see that I used photos from billy